How We Help

At Pix, we know we’re not for everyone. We specialize in providing expert mobile app and web development services for startups and creative agencies. Our team has years of experience working with these types of clients and we understand the unique challenges they face. We know how to navigate the startup landscape, pivot quickly when needed and build complex products that meet the needs of creative agencies and their clients.

We know that startups and creative agencies need to move fast to stay competitive. We’re here to help them do just that. Whether you need a minimum viable product (MVP) to test your idea or a complex web or mobile application, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right.

When to contact us

  • You’re a startup with a big idea but lack the technical expertise to build an MVP or take your product to the next level.
  • You’re a creative agency looking to expand your team and build complex products for your clients.
  • You need a technical partner that can act as a temporary development team to quickly build an MVP and then hand it over to your in-house dev team.

Do you need advice or support on your idea or running project? Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch ASAP to help!

Get in touch


We offer design, development, and project management.

Primary services

We have been building apps since before the first iPhone came out. Native Android and iOS apps built in Kotlin and Swift, or cross-platform apps in Flutter, as well as web frontends and backends in various frameworks (Vue, React, NodeJS, Django, etc.) are our favorites. Hosted on Amazon's AWS or Google's Cloud Platform or Firebase or wherever you wish.

Pix has a strong design team with deep UX design experience, capable of creating beautiful interfaces, logos, branding— the whole shebang!


It doesn't end with the basics. Being a bunch of nerdy tech-heads, Pix is like a playground. Any new tech we can get our hands on will be played with. This gives us a unique ability to creatively apply modern technology, and to know exactly when to use (and when not to use!) a gadget, framework or fancy new thingamajig.

Feel free to ask us all about

  • Apps for (Android) TV, and 'Leanback' mode
  • ChatGPT integration
  • Metaverse, web3, defi and even NFTs
  • Social apps and community building
  • Modernizing existing apps, and migrating from old frameworks to Jetpack Compose or similar
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • 3D Animations, VR, AR, face filters, Apple Vision apps
  • Apps for foldable screens
  • Apps for smartwatches
  • Speech recognition, chatbots, AI avatars
  • 3D-printing, lasercutting, and soldering things onto Raspberry Pis
  • Virtual concerts and complex media processing for big artists


Design sprint, design iteration, ideation session, brainstorm — whatever name you put on it, its about design your product covering all bases in the most efficient way.

Draft mockups, wireframes and prepare everything for development. Yes, this also includes our award winning design work from our UI and UX team who work hand in hand with the development team.


Do you have a beautiful design, but are not sure if it is even possible to build it? We are at our core end-user and technically focused. We can build it, and are used to working with other design teams to turn an idea into reality. We will develop, and we will will help the design team explore everything that is possible using modern technology.

Because we always check with stakeholders if we are still building the right thing, we work agile. Though iterative development, we can adjust our course to build that right thing.


We’ve done this 150 times over, but it’s not just about submitting an app to the stores. We help you tweak business models, A/B-test and help you get the most traction and build your user base, draw in more customers and achieve that sweet 5-star rating.