Richie Hawtin’s



The Challenge

A vision 10 years in the making. An interactive audiovisual experience that lets you deconstruct techno titan Richie Hawtin’s show. “Concert videos have been done, so part of my challenge is to have some transparency and give people a little bit of a connection or an idea of what I’m doing up there, and to understand that there’s a lot of things going on.”

The Idea

Interactivity on a whole new level. The app that lets you experience a show like never before - you at the controls! Toggle audio tracks on and off to hear the individual elements. Switch between different camera angles to see how it all comes together and engage with the audience, or focus on the mixer. Not just for recorded shows, but also for live broadcasts!

The Solution

A custom-built, low-level, 5.1-channel audioprocessor that cleverly overlays audio however the user sees fit. Twice, for Android and iOS. A heavily optimized video player that can take up to twenty simultaneous videos to show Richie’s work from all angles. All custom, in the hands of the fans.


The Results

A revolutionary app not just for the music scene but live-streaming and audio altogether. A new standard in fan interaction.


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