Salinity Sensor

Custom hardware and app

How do we make water quality measurement devices accessible to the majority and ensure developing countries have more ways to access and confirm the quality of their water?

The Challenge

Checking water quality in developing countries

Find a low cost alternative to $50,000 analysis machines that can provide the same reliability for basic reading to measure quality of water.

The Idea

A cheap sensor that connects to a mobile phone

By moving the brains of the analysis machines into smartphones, we can bring the power of these machines within the grasp of farmers around the world for a mere $2.

With basic circuitry, an audio jack and machine learning, farmers can use any cheap smartphone to quickly check whether their water is safe to use for irrigation.

The Solution

Create a dongle with a basic measurement device that attaches to a smartphone via the audio jack.

By sending a signal over the speaker wires and receiving the measurement over the microphone wire, a low-cost smartphone can calculate the salinity using an app.


The Results

A custom sensor for a fraction of the price

Increasing farmers’ production by helping them determine if available water sources are safe to use for irrigation.


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