Interactive display

Experimental interactive display using advanced AI

To increase the draw-in rate for Footlocker flagship stores, we decided to allow would-be customers to try on clothing without entering the store. Using state-of-the-art 3D pose-detection algorithms, we were able to project shoes and clothing onto a 3D avatar controlled by the viewer's body, in real-time.

The Challenge

How do you create an interactive display that is so playful, so alluring, that people in the streets will stop, stare, interact, and enter your store? It has to be so eye-catching and entertaining that viewers will not only notice it, but will be intrigued within a split-second.

The Idea

Virtual, 3D avatar controlled by you

What if the mascotte on the screen copied your exact movements as you are walking by? No need for a controller or any set-up, no pre-defined animation or looping video, but a real-time, live, virtual mirror that copies your ever move!

The Solution

Advanced AI, infrared cameras, 3D triangulation

Using advanced AI we were able to extract a person’s pose and transform it into computer-readable data, no matter how much you contorted yourself! Using two infrared cameras we created a stereoscopic image that was transformed into a list of points in 3D space that in turn controlled a virtual ‘rig’ attached to a 3D avatar.

Whether you’re doing the hokey-pokey or the twist, this virtual avatar will follow your every move!

The Results

Dance machine

Not only did we engage the viewers into interacting with the installation, we triggered almost everyone to dance in from of the cameras. The level of interaction went above and beyond any of our (and our client's) expectations.


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