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Accomplish more. Stress less. Intuitive breathing exercises to shift your state in record time.

Ready, set, breathe

When you change your breathing patterns, you can alter not only your state of mind, but your physical and emotional health as well. State comes with four customized exercises designed to create specific, desired physiological states.

The State algorithm

Our fingerprinting process tailors the exercises to your physical and emotional needs from the first time you use the app. The State algorithm then keeps adapting and evolving the exercises the more you use the app.

Science and practice

State was born at the intersection of age-old fundamental practices, new neuroscientific findings and human development.

Breathing is a simple act that we tend to take for granted. But the way we breathe can have a profound impact on the way we live. By researching ancient practices like yoga and the martial arts, and studying the breathing mechanics of elite performers, we started to notice patterns. We learned that everyone handles stress and responds to breath control in different ways.

We knew we could coach individuals through custom breathing exercises, but we wanted to provide the world with guided breathing benefits. So we built state - an algorithm powered app that adapts to each unique user.

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