Token of Expertise

The Expert App

Token of Expertise bursts into the mobile age.

The project that brings Blockchain tech to a new level. The Expert App is a seamless cutting-edge networking tool for (crypto) investors and experts.

We presented an app that allows users to post their queries or questions to professionals and receive advice and get feedback in real-time. The app allows investors and experts to connect, collaborate, and stay up to date with the latest investment trends.

The Challenge

The client needed a community-based, blockchain/web 3 powered app to connect both novice and seasoned investors with the right experts in the most efficient way. The application also needed to be as simple as any non-crypto related app out there.

The Idea

The Best Expert on Demand

From helping users to make knowledge transfers more efficient and safe, and sharing expertise, to rewarding experts with Tokens of Expertise (TOE), the Expert App tends to be the best interactive and most inclusive ideam in the market.

The Solution

We made an app that makes the best experts in the field available at the push of a button, and simultaneously helps these experts increase their knowledge and share their expertise with their peers. Users can also have their personal news feed and get notified of trading simulations, trainings, and webinars. The clean design of the application ensures a smooth user experience and the process of finding the right expert requires minimal effort.

Token of Expertise

The Results

A mobile app for newbie investors and experts to interact with each other, find their safe way to invest, get personalized notifications, promote services and even get extra tokens from the Incentive Staking Pool based on their tiers.

Given that blockchain is a complex technology on its own, we approached this project with simplicity in mind to allow users smooth and simple actions.


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