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These are our current job openings. If none apply to you but you're still interested, don't hesitate to let us know! We're always looking to expand our network. Please send us your resume and/or portfolio.

Are you a recruiter and do you have the ideal candidate for us? Then we're not interested; we prefer getting in contact with our new colleagues ourselves.

Utrecht, NL

We are always looking for native mobile app developers, front-end developers and back-end developers.

Working at Pixplicity

Us Pixies are a creative bunch of geeks that love to tinker with technology. We work on a diverse variety of projects, with ample room for self-improvement, R&D, and fussball. Since we tend to adopt newest tech fast, your eagerness to learn is valued as least as much as your years of experience.

  • Headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • No Dutch required. All the communication between the team and with the clients is in English; our team is from all over the globe.
  • We have some people working remotely but we also have ample space at our office. Whatever works for you! Our office is a cosy space without cubicles and it plays the music you want.
  • We offer daily free lunch, and access to a fussball table, SNES, a Mortal Kombat II machine, pingpong table, two classic pinball machines, an X-box, a smart chess table, and the list goes on.
  • We have flexible work schedules. Though we do kinda-sorta expect you to work 40 hours a week, this is not a rule. Yes, we do ask you to keep track. Not because we don’t trust you to do your part, but most of our clients are billed by the hour and we want to do that fairly. We expect you to do your best, and to be your own judge if that means working 8 hours or if you are more productive by taking more breaks. We don’t expect you to be at the office at 9 sharp either. Working from home is fine, and showing up at 10:30 is too. What we do expect is that you do your best.

Do you think you fit in our team? Drop us a line and send us your resume, GitHub profile, Dribbble or your latest hobby project!

Developer Skills

Pix is always looking for experienced developers that can help us build webapps, native apps and backends for a multitude of projects, often for USA-based clients.

As a developer, you will often work closely with the rest of the engineering, marketing and design teams to develop our user-facing web components and implement new features that are easy to understand and use by our users. As part of a small, talented team, you will have direct input into implementation decisions and will have a major impact on the development and the contribution of ideas.

You’ll have the opportunity to truly impact the direction and success of the product you are building.

Experience with the iOS/Android SDKs, SOLID principles of clean code, and for experience with multiple platforms (Android and iOS, or web development, etc). Knowledge of TensorFlow, Firebase and Flutter is definitively a big bonus.

Sounds a bit like you?

If you’re excited to bring your skills to our team, then what are you waiting for? We’re looking forward to your application!

Send your resume or portfolio now — Get in touch!