Payment App

A large agency approached Pixplicity to tackle the development of their apps for the European Starbucks market.

The Challenge

Brand loyalty

Just another loyalty app isn’t going to cut it. We need people to use the app continuously and get involved with the brand. Not just by collecting points, but making the entire experience of getting a coffee easier.

The Idea

Payment by phone

What if a customer only needs their phone to complete a transaction. From learning what new deals there are, and what they can get with a solid discount using their loyalty balance, to finding their way to the nearest Starbucks. Once there you get in line, place your order, and use your phone to pay for your coffee. You new points are added to your account and the smarts in the backend learn more about your taste to serve you a better recommendation and deal next time around.

The Solution

A high-performance app with smooth interfaces.

The in-app payment system and wallet tie in with Google Pay and Apple Pay for a one stop interaction for getting your coffee, paying for it and finding your way to your favorite Starbucks. Not only through personalized promotions and ads but also a routes function to help you navigate.

Moreover, we designed an automated build system which allowed our client to build the app once and deploy localized apps to all countries simultaneously.


The Results

Coffee on the go.

An mobile app where users were able to use an app to find the location of their favorite Starbucks, get personalized offers served to them, pay for their venti, and collect loyalty points.

For the client the apps not only brought them closer to the customer, but deploying changes and new features was now a smooth process; opening the roadmap to push updates to international markets.


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